is a monthly series of established poets and writers reading from their works at The  Lee Library, 100 main Street Lee, MA. I started the series in  August, 2012–  See below for earlier years’ readers.



February 27th—Patrick Donnelly and Cynthia Snow

March 27th—Zara Raab and Kathline Carr

April 24thPatrick Donnelly will host this one

May 22nd—Charles Rafferty and Sara Sousa

June 26th—Paul Pines, David Giannini

July 24th—Peter Gizzi and Lewis Warsh 


September 25th—Matt Gagnon and Mark Hart? Leslie McGrath (definite)

October 23rd—C.D. Nelsen and Kerrin McCadden

November 27th–to be announced




January 24thStuart Bartow and Barbara Ungar [cancelled due to ice storm]

February 28th—Geoff Young and Billie Chernicoff

March 28th-Owen Lewis and Ellen Dore Watson

April 25th—Hannah Fries and Colin Harrington

May 23rd—Amy Dryansky and Mary Koncel

June 27th—Dennis Barone and Jim Finnerman

July 25th– Richard Murphy, Sarah Sousa, and Stephen Welch

August-22nd, 2017— Barbara Ungar and Stuart Bartow

Sept.26th—Stephen Campiglio and Jonathan Baumbach

October 24th—Sonia Pilcer and Jeffrey Thomson 

November 28th—Janet MacFadyen, Cindy Snow, and Anna Warrock (Slate Roof Press)

December–no Writers Read




February(Frances Roth, guest-hosting) Hilary Russell and Jan Hutchison

March—(Frances Roth, hosting) Hilde Weisert and Christopher Nye

April 26th Joe Weil via Dutch 

May 24th—Don Wentworth, Yoko’s Dogs [three readers.]

June 28th—Lisken Van Pelt Dus and Lewis Warsh

July 26th—Patty Crane and Paul Pines [78th unduplicated reader in series of 44 readings.]

August 23rd—Sonia Pilcer and Wesley Brown [begins our 5th year!]

September 27th— Peter Marcus, Lori Desrosiers,  and Jayne Benjulian

October 25th—Jan Conn, [new book:  Tomorrow’s Bright White Light”.] and Stephen Philbrick

November 22nd—Jon. Baumbach and Richard Berlin


30. January—CANCELLED Jessica Treat will host for Feb., March, and April

 31. February 26th—Kateri Kosek and Raphael Kosek 

32. March 26th— Joyce Lautens O’Brien and Frances Roth

33. April 23rd— Djelloul Marbrook and  Elizabeth Thomas

34. May 28thD.M. Dutcher  and Zara Raab 

35. June 25th—Joshua Harmon and  Gail Hosking 

36. July 23rd—Susan Lewis ( 7/18 emergency cancellation)Billie Chernicoff/ Michael Boughn

37. August—27th— Virginia Watkins and Lara Tupper

38. Sept. 29th Tuesday]— Susan Lewis and David Giannini

39. October 20th [Tuesday]—SLATE ROOF PRESS POETS–Janet McFayden, Dennis Pollock, Cindy Snow, and Abbot Cutler. 

40. November 17th — Deborah Poe and Matthew Klane

41. December—12/17]—cancelled

 2014:  Jessica Treat is Coordinator Jan. through March

18. January [no Writers Read this month!]

19. February: Charles Rafferty and Bessy Reyna

20. March: Kathline Carr and Claudette Webster 

21. April 25th—Dennis Barone and Steve Straight

22. May 23rd–Peter Filkins and Howie Faerstein

23. June 27—Shira Dentz and Jessica Treat

24. July 24th—Irene Mitchel, John Stanizzi, Leah Nielsen, Barry Zaret

25. August 22—Marie Gauthier and Brian Clements

26. September 18th—Brian Johnson, Karen Skolfield and Sarah Sousa

27. October 16th—Irene Willis and James Kelleher

28. November 20—Mark Hart and Leah Nielson

29.December 26—CANCELLED for Holidays

 First year: 


1.  August 24, 2012—Gary Metras and Susan Dworkin

2.  Sept 28—Hannah Fries and Lucy Ferriss

3.  October 26—Jessica Treat and Dennis Pollock

4.  November 16th —Dick Lipez and Irene Willis

5. December 21 Hilary Russell and Lisken van Pelt Dus 

6.  January 25, 2013—Jonathan Baumbach and Cynthia Gardner

7.  February 22nd— Jan Hutchinson, Jim Finnegan,

8.  March 22nd—Jan Conn and Sharon Charde

9.  April 26th—Howard Cruse and Karen Chase

10. May 2410 May24th— Lori Desrosiers and Bill Hunt

11. June 28th—Laura Didyk and Lawrence Raab

12. July 26th—Mark Farrington and David Giannini

13. August 23rd—David Kherdian and Julianna Spallholz

August 30th Special Event: Artist/Writer, John Lawson

will read from his own writings offered in conjunction with his Good Purpose Gallery show at 6:00–all are welcome to attend.

14. September 27th— Patty Crane and Michelle Gillett

15. October 25th—Barry Sternlieb and Abbott Cutler

16. November 22nd– Emily Pulfer-Terino and Derek Gentile

17. December 27th—Michael Schiavo and Kateri Kosek